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You don’t have to suffer from Rosacea!

While many people are unaware of the true definition of Rosacea, most people may recognize the facial flushing, bright red bumps acne-like inflamed whiteheads, cheek redness, itching or prominent blood vessels seen in the central face. Another classic sign of this skin condition is an enlarged red nose with many red vessels, W.C. Field’s nose is a well known example.

The symptoms may easily be triggered by certain foods, alcohol, chemicals, climate changes, emotion, activity and stress. While there is no cure for Rosacea many treatments, both conventional and alternative, can be combined to control this skin disorder. Oral and topical antimicrobial agents are often used to control redness and bumps. If a patient is not responding or prefers not to be on long term prescription medication, then laser treatments should be considered. Photo Facial and Laser Genesis work well in reducing and controlling redness, vessels, and acne-like bumps. Laser treatments are not painful and can be done in weekly or bi-weekly treatments depending on severity. Monthly to yearly treatments may be required once under control. Photo Dynamic Therapy using topical Levulan and Blu-U Light is another option for severe cases. Three to five treatments may be necessary and annual maintenance should be considered.

Laser treatments should be considered in the therapy and control of Rosacea due to their high success rate. Long term effects of Rosacea when untreated can lead to a marked worsening of symptoms as well as permanent thickening of the nose tissue. Clear skin is possible with Laser therapy!

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