Sunscreen – but why?

Many of us live in the Valley of the Sun for exactly that, the sun and the number of days we can be outdoors and enjoy it. But it’s important to remember the havoc this exposure can wreak on our skin. While avoiding skin cancer is the primary reason for discussing SPF protection, the sun is equally destructive to collagen and causes premature photo-aging. Some think only to apply sunscreen when heading to the beach or spending long hours of fun in the sun. But daily application of SPF is required to protect your skin from cancer and photo-aging every day.

UVA rays, for instance, are responsible for photo-aging as they penetrate deeper into the skin than their counterpart (UVB). UVA also permeates through glass – making your commute to and from work harmful to your skin! UVB rays, on the other hand, are responsible for the carcinogenic effects on the skin and causing sunburns. Regular application of sunscreen to all exposed areas will offer you 93% – 97% more protection daily. SPF clothing is also available to cover exposed body parts during drive time, time running errands and longer exposure times.