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Ultherapy – Not a Cookie Cutter Solution

Like any treatment, Ultherapy should be customized to the patient

We have been administering Ultherapy to patients for a couple of years now and are continually impressed by the results our patients see. Ultherapy it is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical skin lifting and tightening treatment with ultrasound technology. As with all our treatments and services, our team continues to train and participate in ongoing education to learn the latest techniques to provide the best results.

Because of this ongoing training, that many other providers don’t participate in, Physician Skin Solutions is able to customize Ultherapy to provide patients with the best results and minimize their discomfort. Unlike other providers that put the machine on the basic “factory” settings, no matter who the patient is, we are able to customize the energy level and the depth of energy pulse penetration based on the patient’s laxity, age, weight and other factors.

Physician Skin Solutions relies on “Visualization” to optimize the effects of Ultherapy. Visualization allows us to:

  • See the depth at which energy is being deliveried
  • Confirm that we are treating at the correct depth to ensure safety, comfort and effective treatment
  • Confirm that the transducer (hand-piece of Ultherapy machine) is coupled with the patient’s skin correctly
  • Identity and avoid blood vessels or bones is in the energy delivery zone
  • Deliver appropriate pressure
  • Minimize patient discomfort
  • Deliver the best results

This video is the best visual representation of how Ultherapy works.

See our current specials on Ultherapy and schedule a FREE consultation to see if Ultherapy is the right treatment for you.

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