Here in Glendale, Arizona with our harsh environmental exposure, many women are in need of a laser resurfacing treatment, but almost an equal amount are hesitant to have the procedure done. Many of the fears women experience have to do with social down time or discomfort. However, non resurfacing treatments, in many cases, are simply put, not as effective. Laser resurfacing utilizes laser CO2 or Erbium technology to ablate layers of skin and apply deep general heat to the area. This allows for new skin and collagen to grow, “filling” in problem areas such as wrinkles or scars and firming the tissue. The overall effects are brighter, tighter, smoother glowing skin.

It is very important to know who is providing the procedure and their personal experience and results. Different levels of ablation are an option and determined on a case by case basis. A full face treatment may be performed or limited problem areas, such as around the mouth or eyes. Multiple areas may also be done in one session such as the face, neck and chest. Often at home products are used to prep the skin for the treatment especially with darker skin types. Medications are prescribed and ointments provided to ensure a comfortable safe procedure and recovery. The area treated if often locally numbed with topical or injected anesthetics.

Following the treatment the skin appears bright red and swollen for one to three days and then some peeling is expected for another three days. Make-up may generally be applied at day five covering any remaining redness. It is usually advised that the patient take three to seven days off from social duties, however working from home is doable with no discomfort experienced in this time. Sun avoidance is imperative for many weeks following the treatment while new cells are replacing old damaged cells. Skin improvements are seen over the course of three to six months. Cost may range from $1200-$3700 depending on the areas being treated and depth of treatment.

The results in skin texture and tightening are quite amazing. Laser resurfacing is an excellent option to erase the years past and look incredible for years to come, results often last 3-5 years. By providing a safer, gentler, and more affordable option to surgery, this is ideal for the person who wants maximum results from one procedure. Contact our Glendale office for more laser resurfacing information.