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How Much Does Dermaplaning Cost?

What’s Hollywood’s biggest beauty secret that costs less than $200?

It’s not a moisturizer. It’s not a serum. In fact, it’s not even a skincare treatment that’s only available to A-list celebrities; you can find the same treatment right at Physician Skin Solutions.

So what’s this big secret? Simple: it’s dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning Glendale

What is Dermaplaning?

A dermaplaning treatment is a non-surgical procedure where a surgical scalpel is used to gently scrape away dead skin cells and other facial impurities. Dermaplaning is a fast, efficient, and highly effective solution for candidates who want to get glowing skin without expensive treatments.

Dermaplaning is ideal for all candidates, as it doesn’t use any chemical solutions or require incisions. Even pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can benefit from regular dermaplaning sessions!

For best results, we recommend undergoing dermaplaning sessions every six to eight weeks.

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How Much Does Dermaplaning Cost?

Dermaplaning costs vary from place to place, so your experiences may be different. However, you can usually expect your dermaplaning treatment to cost anywhere from $75 to $150 per session.

Factors that can influence your dermaplaning costs can include:

  • The person performing your dermaplaning treatment
  • The cost-of-living index where the procedure is being performed
  • If your provider is offering any deals or discounts on your dermaplaning treatment

What are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

There’s a reason why celebrities love dermaplaning treatments – it’s because a single session can correct a number of complexion issues.

Benefits of dermaplaning can include:

  • A noticeable reduction in the severity of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Minimization of hyperpigmentation
  • A clearer, brighter-looking complexion
  • A reduction in facial hair (dermaplaning is great for removing peach fuzz)
  • Reduction of acne breakouts and acne scarring
  • And more

A dermaplaning session usually takes about 30 minutes to perform. Because there’s no downtime or recovery associated with dermaplaning treatments, you can go right back to your normal schedule after your procedure. 

We recommend that candidates get dermaplaning treatments about three to seven days before a major event.


*Individual Results May Vary


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