Internal Aging Factors

In my blogs, I spend a lot of time discussing ways to combat and reverse aging from the outside in, but because all of us at Physician Skin Solutions believe in a holistic approach to reaching optimum health and beauty, it is equally important to look at internal factor that can contribute to aging and how you feel.

My next series of blog articles will explore the top theories on internal factors that contribute to aging and what can be done to reverse or stop them. The first we will dive into is hormones.

As we age our hormone are no longer “raging” like they were as a teenager – in fact now we are producing fewer every year we age. Researchers and doctors believe the decrease in hormone levels is a contributing factor to why our bodies age – right down to the cellular level.

By the time the average woman reaches 35 to 40 years of age the effects of pre-menopause have begun and started the cycle of age related diseases. This transition will result in hormonal and chemical imbalances in the brain. Balances or imbalances dictate happiness, hunger, sleep cycles, enjoyment, anger, irritability, weight gain, depression and heart disease, so pretty much your whole life – right?!? Fortunately, many patients have found success in using bio-identical hormones—hormones identical in chemical makeup to those naturally produced by your body. These can help to bring your hormone levels back to more youthful levels, similar to those you had when you were in your twenties or thirties. Thus stopping the internal factors that eventually show up on your face and body.

There are a variety of services targeted at your internal well being, all are based upon extensive medical research and testing in order to assist our clients in facilitating results that they can see and feel.