NEVER do these things if you don’t want acne scars!

So it’s bad enough that you have to deal with acne – whether it’s the constant problems that teenagers face or breakouts caused by hormonal changes in your 40s – the last thing you want is a lasting reminder of it on your face even after it has cleared up! Not surprisingly, what you do to your skin before and during a breakout can reduce the risk of seeing scars when the acne clears.

Likelihood to Scar

During our free initial consultation and in the subsequent treatment of patients, there are several factors we discuss to assess their predisposition for acne scarring. Things that could put you at higher risks are:

  • Severe (painful cysts and nodules) acne
  • Acne that began at a young age
  • Family members or blood relatives who have acne scars as the tendency to develop scars is often hereditary
  • No results with over-the-counter acne treatments


Early treatment and intervention is always beneficial, people who develop acne in their preteens often develop severe acne within few years. Skin care professionals recommend that a preteen who has acne see a professional to establish a treatment regimen early.

Treatment can include Blue-U® Light Treatment, use of medical grade facial products, and possibly prescription strength products.

There are several things we see patients do, that seem innocent enough, but can lead to continued acne problems, scarring and worsening in the severity of the acne:

  1. Stop treatment once the visible acne clears up – It’s important to remember to keep up the treatments even once the acne is cleared up, it’s critical to follow the regimen you and your skin care professional establish and then adjust, with your provider, as your skin conditions change.
  2. Picking, squeezing, and popping – think about it, you would never pinch squeeze or pull at stiches or cuts on any other part of your body? Of course not, but people think nothing of doing this to some of their most delicate skin – their face! Doing this causes trauma to the skin and almost guarantees scarring from the most minor blemishes.
  3. Over “enthusiastic” skin care – many people have the tendency to aggressively scrub their face or use extremely harsh products (hello – rubbing alcohol!) when acne flares. Just like picking, squeezing and popping, this causes major trauma to the skin and increases the likelihood of scarring.

Is it too late?

Many people with acne scars think that it’s too late and that they simply have to “learn to live with it”. Talk about adding insult to injury – you already had to endure painful and embarrassing acne and now you have to live the rest of your life with scars on your face. I completely understand the psychological and social impact that acne scars can have on an individual and know how important it is to produce drastic, rapid results. This is why we are constantly working to bring the most advanced acne and scar treatment technology to our patients. Through the use of laserschemical peelsinjectables and other treatments you will see results you never thought possible – revealing softer, smoother skin you can feel comfortable showing to the world.