Tired of dealing with peach fuzz or unwanted facial hair (I have never had ANYONE say “Why, no I simply love my facial hair!), well there are lots of options to deal with it – some are permanent and some are temporary but there is definitely a solution out there to fit everyone’s budget and needs.


While microdermabrasion was not created to be a hair removal procedure, it is a benefit of the treatment which makes it a two-for (beautiful skin and temporary removal of peach fuzz over your entire face). It is basically an exfoliation and skin rejuvenation procedure that leaves skin looking softer and brighter.


This can be performed by a professional or done at home with a special kit. It is pretty intuitive – you spread hot wax (be careful) on the hair you want to remove, cover it with a strip of cloth, wait for it to dry and then pull quickly to remove wax and pull out hair. It is a temporary solution (about 3-6 weeks) but is relatively inexpensive.


Using a razor or electric shaver cuts the hair very close to the skin, despite the popular myth about hair growing back more coarse it really doesn’t – it is simply cutting the tapered and soft top off the hair which make it feel coarser. This is not an ideal option for the face as it only last 1-3 days and who wants to add another step to your morning routine.