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What are the Benefits of Cryotherapy

Have you heard of cryotherapy before?

If so, you’ve likely heard about it within the context of sports athletes. Cryotherapy – which stands for “cold therapy” – is a type of therapy that exposes the body to extreme cold temperatures for a safe amount of time. The idea behind cryotherapy is that the cold temperatures can help revive the muscles, enhance the immune system, and even provide anti-aging benefits.

Want to learn more about the benefits of cryotherapy? Take a look!

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The 8 Biggest Benefits of Cryotherapy

1. It treats chronic migraines.

If you have more than one migraine each month, you may see significant relief with cryotherapy treatments. The cold temperatures help treat the pinched nerves and tight muscles that contribute to migraines, meaning you could enjoy more migraine-free time with regular cryotherapy sessions.

2. It can prepare you for microneedling treatments.

At Physician Skin Solutions, we use cryotherapy to help numb the patient’s skin during RF microneedling treatments. Because microneedling uses tiny needles to promote faster cellular turnover, some patients find it a little uncomfortable. Cryotherapy helps take away the discomfort, making the RF microneedling procedure a breeze.

3. Cryotherapy can be used in cosmetic facials.

We use cryotherapy treatments in a variety of facials, including our FrozenC facial (which combines cryotherapy with microdermabrasion for enhanced skin rejuvenation) and Baby Angel Glow (which uses cryotherapy, microdermabrasion, and LaseMD laser treatments to produce brighter, tighter skin).

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4. Cryotherapy can reduce arthritic pain.

If you have arthritis – or any other disorder that creates nerve pain, like carpal tunnel or tennis elbow – cryotherapy can create significant relief. Cryotherapy is a great choice to add to any physical therapy treatment, as well as rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

5. It can help ward off dementia symptoms.

There’s enough evidence to support the theory that regular cryotherapy treatments can help reduce dementia and Alzhemeier’s symptoms. If you have these diseases in your family history – or you just want to stay mentally sharp – regular cryotherapy treatments may be able to help.

6. Cryotherapy can help with chronic skin conditions.

Whether you have eczema or dermatitis, research has suggested that the freezing temperatures associated with cryotherapy can help treat symptoms associated with these skin diseases.

7. It can kill acne bacteria.

If you suffer from breakouts, regular facial cryotherapy treatments could help kill off the bacteria that causes acne breakouts. It’s a great treatment to help reduce acne as well as facial redness!

8. Cryotherapy can boost your mood.

Finally, research suggests that cryotherapy treatments can do more than improve your physical health; it can improve your mental well-being as well. Cryotherapy can help alleviate mild symptoms associated with depression and anxiety, making it a good short-term treatment for those mild blues.


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