5 Signs you’re getting fake beauty products!

Anything that is expensive or highly sought after can be found on the black-market – including beauty and aesthetic products! That’s right, many patients are lured in by incredibly low prices for everything from BOTOX, Juvederm, and even plastic surgery. The problem is that while they won’t put a big dent in your wallet they can carry a much heftier price if you experience complications or problems following the procedure. Some of the problems can be easily reversed either with treatment or just waiting of the effects to wear off (i.e. BOTOX and fillers injected by a non-licensed individual) while others are more serious and even life threatening (infections, abscesses, permanent disfiguration or tissue death).

Here are 5 things that should tip you off that you’re not getting the real thing:

  1. Location, location, location – is the procedure or treatment or procedure being performed at someone’s house or hotel room? Or anyplace else that is not a medical facility?
  2. Packaging – if you don’t see the sealed box or see the syringe going into the vial this is definitely a red flag.
  3. You get what you pay for – An incredibly cheap price from an individual who is not a certified doctor or medical facility should be a warning.
  4. Bought online – all implants, injectables, and fillers are sold directly to physicians by manufacturer rep – they are never sold online.
  5. Unique procedures or use of fillers and injectables – anything that is not normally offered by a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist because they are too risky. You should also be asked to sign a consent form for any procedure or treatment.

If even in doubt about a price or a procedure, please call our office and team member will be happy to discuss with you. Remember…better safe than sorry!