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Tips for Avoiding Bruises after Fillers or Injections

There are many concerns people have about injectables – but the biggest one has to be the possibility of bruising. No one wants to walk around with a bruise on their face! While the experience and the technique of your injector is incredibiliy crucial, some people are just more prone to bruising and sometimes an individual will bruise when they never have before. Following are a few tips that will help to ensure you don’t bruise during your next filler or Botox treatment.

  1. Take Arnica suppliments – these plant based supplements can be found at Sprouots, Whole Foods, Walgreens and other supplement stores. When taken 1 week prior and following an injection, they have provent to prevent bruising at the injection site.
  2. Avoid blood thinners – this is critical as they will cause you to bruise and the bruise will last longer. Blood thinners include Aspirin, Advil (Tylenol is fine), and Fish oil supplements. You should avoid them for 1-2 week BEFORE your appointment.
  3. Avoid alcohol and drink lots of water – you definately don’t want to be dehydrated on the day of your appointment so limit alcohol and increase water intake the day before and the day of your appointment.
  4. Apply ice – before and after your appointment.

If you do still bruise don’t worry, we can “zap” it with the Excel V laser to eliminate bruising, see the video for a demo of of treatment and before and after photos of the patient’s bruises.

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