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ThermiTight – What you need to know about melting fat and tightening skin!

As I have written many times, our goal at Physician Skin Solutions is to provide patients with the best possible anti-aging and wellness results with the latest technology and the most talented and trained staff in the Phoenix area. Part of that is always looking for and bringing in new treatments that will provide the results our patients are looking for, so it’s with much excitement that we announce ThermiTight.

So what exactly is ThermiTight and what does it do? Simply, ThermiTight is a micro-invasive treatment that will melt fat and tighten skin, providing the most dramatic results without resorting to invasive surgery.

Here are the most frequent questions we have received about ThermiTight:

Q: What does micro-invasive mean?

A: A tiny electrode is inserted under the skin through a needle. There is no incision and no need for stitches.

Q: What body parts can be treated with ThermiTight?

A: ThermiTight can be used just about anywhere that you have unwanted fat and skin laxity. It is especially effective for double chins or “necklace line”.

Q: How does ThermiTight eliminate fat?

A: The thermal energy produced by the probe underneath the skin melts the fat cells, which are naturally eliminated by your body.

Q: How does ThermiTight tighten and firm skin?

A: ThermiTight tightens skin by melting fat, which causes the skin to contract, and also by stimulating the production of collagen.

Q: How many ThermiTight treatments will I have to get?

A: Most patients only require one ThermiTight treatment to achieve their goals.

Q: How long does the ThermiTight treatment take?

A: ThermiTight treatments usually only take 1 hour.

Q: How long do ThermiTight results last?

A: In most cases the results of ThermiTight last for several years.

Q: Will I have to take time-off after my ThermiTight procedure?

A: There is no downtime required with ThermiTight and many patients go back to their regular activities immediately following their treatment.

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