The summer can be very harsh on our skin, with more sun exposure and outdoor activity than any other time of year. While sunscreen and covering up is always your best defense when playing outside, often inadequate reapplication of sunscreen or SPF can leave you with sun damage and more brown spots! If you have completed your vacations and put sun exposure on the shelf until next year, then clean-up should be in your future. Depending on the extent of your sun damage and years of exposure, there is something within the aesthetic menu or FDA cleared laser options to erase the resulting visible damage. Simple glycolic acid peels with little to no skin peeling can drastically lighten and brighten your skin. Add in some medical grade at-home skin care and your skin can be back on track in no time. For more severe damage with large brown patches, redness and textural changes, more aggressive chemical peels or laser treatments may be required. Photofacial IPL/Broadband light lasers are excellent for erasing unwanted brown spots or veins, while Laser Genesis will smooth skins fine lines and drastically reduce redness associated with chronic sun exposure and Rosacea flares. Both of these laser treatments are pain free and offer no social down time. Often we will combine these treatments for optimal, dramatic results. A yearly maintenance protocol is also recommended for continued years of youthful looking skin. Remember a spotted, ruddy, red/brown skin tone is always more aging than a few wrinkles, so make this the fall you obtain clearer, brighter, more vibrant skin!