Why you should have retinols in your anti-aging arsenal.

One of the most asked questions that my team and I get from patients are what is the difference between the various types of skin

care products available and what they should be using on a daily basis. We always recommend that patients use medical grade products, if possible, as they will give you the biggest bang for your buck. When it comes to specific anti-aging products, the one product I always recommend be included in a skin care routine is retinols, in order to get the most anti-aging benefits, is retinols.

Retinols are the gentler “cousin” of prescription strength retinoids and are available over-the-counter. Retinoids and retinols have a long history of scientific evidence that proves their anti-aging benefits. Because retinols work at the molecular level to normalize the retinoid receptors in skin cells, which break-down as we age or with sun damage, retinols provide a rapid improvement in skin texture, wrinkles, and diminish brown spots. By speeding up skin cell turnover that slows down as age, retinols improve the look and feel of the skin and reduce blackheads and minimize pores. Where retinols really pack a punch are on collagen – the building blocks of our skin! First retinols prevent the rise of an enzyme called collagenase thus decreasing the breakdown of collagen caused by sun exposure and then turn around and help stimulate the production of new collagen.

Without a doubt, retinols are among the most powerful anti-aging products available and something that will benefit almost any type of skin.

Come into our Glendale office and talk to a team member about the medical grade retinols available and what is right for your skin.