Restylane injection treatments can add facial fullness and subtract years from your appearance within days.

If you are ready for a change in your appearance, but prefer not to undergo surgery, you should consider the use of dermal fillers. Whether your goal is to look years younger or just different, this type of noninvasive technique can do the job quickly. One of the most popular dermal fillers is Restylane, which is perfect for both facial contouring and eliminating fine lines. In fact, this method has become so common that you probably know someone who had a Restylane injections treatment, with subtle and attractive results. If you live in Arizona or are interested in traveling to get quality Restylane injections, come by Glendale based Physician Skin Solutions at Arrowhead and get a consultation with me, Dr. Maltais.

Restylane injection treatments are often used to reverse the appearance of the most common effects of aging on your skin. Wrinkles, folds, and fine lines were likely not present on your face when you were younger, and today’s technology allows for them to be eliminated no matter your age. A simple Restylane injection can also cover any old acne scars, and best of all, no surgery is required. If you think that the answer to your skin problems could be a Restylane injection treatment, Glendale is the place to come for quality treatment.

Perhaps you do not struggle with the effects of aging, but instead want a few parts of your face to appear fuller. A Restylane injection treatment can fill in the area around your chin, cheekbones, or under your eyes. Additionally, this injectable treatment offers you the chance to finally have fuller lips, as the solution can be injected into the area simply using a needle. Results can be seen within a few days.

One of the advantages of Restylane injections that set them apart from some other dermal fillers is that they are made of a natural solution. Restylane contains hyaluronic acid, which is already found in your body. Once the substance is injected, it binds with water, which adds volume to the area immediately. Not only are the results usually realized within days, but there is also no risk of allergic reaction since the substance is naturally occurring. Restylane will automatically be absorbed into the body after about six months, at which time you may choose to get a touchup.