So Thanksgiving was just the beginning – the next month is all about family, friends and fun, which usually leads to over indulging on food and drinks and not getting the sleep you need. While it’s fun and definitely worth it, all this holiday folly can cause your skin to freak out!

Luckily with a little planning and tender loving care you can get your skin back in tip-top shape in no time!


Cause – most likely cause is that your skin is sun or wind burned. The damage and dehydration caused to the superficial layer of skin and exposure to allergens and pathogens causes an inflammatory response which leads to redness.

Fix – the first step is to ALWAYS wear sunscreen. There are some great options available from Neova, iS Clinical and Skin Medica. Any of these products will protect your skin with medical grade protection. Next step to repair the damage is an intensive moisturizer, such as Dermal Repair from Skin Medica or Moisturizing Complex from iS Clincial.

Puffy Eyes

Cause – salt is notorious for leaving the skin, especially the eyes, looking puffy. All those yummy treats and appetizers that are loaded with salt will cause the skin to retain water, resulting in a puffy look.

Fix – drinking lots of water to flush the salt is the first step and then applying cold spoons or a chilled face mask/washcloth can help take down the puffiness.

Break Outs

Cause – oh take your pick here. There are so many things that can cause this during the holiday, too many desserts, one too many adult beverages, going to sleep without washing your face because you were just too tired when you got home!

Fix – first of all DON’T pick them! Wash your face with a good cleanser, Cleansing Complex from iS Clinical or AHA/BHA Cleanser from Skin Medica are great! You may want to apply a serum or come in for a facial to really get you cleared up.

Dull and Dry Skin

Cause – Airplanes and going from heated building to outdoor cold can really take its toll, making it dry and flaky. Not only will your makeup not go on smoothly, but if you don’t tackle it head on, the dryness can also lead to dehydration.

Fix – first step is to gently exfoliate any dead skin that you can see on the surface of your skin to remove it. Then, load up on a moisturizer that’s appropriate for your skin type.

Come in and our team can recommend the right product for your winter skin-care needs.