The summer has damaged my skin. What can I do to get its luster back?

Summertime is fun time for most of us, but the activities associated with summer can wreak havoc on the skin. Between the blazing sun, wind, chlorine and salt water the skin can be left with little hydration, spotted and dull. While proper sunscreen use is mandatory, some damaging rays do penetrate as summer calls for many more hours out in the elements.

Proper internal hydration is a must in the summer to keep cool in the scorching Valley heat and nourish our skin. Proper exfoliation can allow your skin to better absorb the topical moisturizers we rely on. A monthly chemical peel or microdermabrasion will most certainly help with a healthy summer glow.

Pigment deposition is also very common from sun exposure, which can be treated with chemical peels and laser treatments. The result is clear, even-toned skin free of brown spots.

Some patients prefer the long-lasting effect of the laser Photo Facial treatment, which will address redness of the neck, cheeks and chest. Photo Facial is coupled with another laser called Laser Genesis, to correct severe redness and texture issues. If correction of more than one issue is desired, other devices such as eMatrix and Active FX may be used to erase lines, brown spots, and smooth texture all in one treatment. It is like getting all new skin!