Have you checked your calendar – only 14 days until Christmas and then the week after that we celebrate New Year’s Eve! Don’t stress – we can get you ready in no time at all. The next couple of posts will focus on quick fixes to get you looking your best for all those holiday parties and family gatherings – today we will focus on getting your body in shape with some body contouring treatments.

There are a number of non-invasive and highly effective procedures that are available to individuals that will enable them to achieve their desired results with no downtime and little discomfort. Laser body contouring has been available for many years and continues to improve each year; this combined with other types of body contouring procedures can achieve significant results.

If “de-bulking” is necessary or if large areas of fat are present, fat cell freezing with CoolSculpting® is recommended, first. Often this will produce desired results, if adequate treatments are performed. When problem areas are in the lower portion of the body, such as thighs and knees, or small areas like arms are the focus, then laser skin tightening and circumferential reduction is a better option.

The newest laser device that achieves this is the FDA-cleared VelaShape III®. This powerful deep thermal energy irons out cellulite, tightens skin and reduces size in just about three treatments. This is a no downtime, comfortable, deep therapeutic body contouring treatment that delivers updated enhanced clinical protocols that offers consistent results that can be reproduced time after time. CoolSculpting and VelaShape III may be combined for even more amazing changes. Other devices, such as fractional RF Sublative lasers can be added to erase stretch marks or smooth knee wrinkles.

A physician consultation is best to create an individualized body contouring plan to achieve your Holiday body!