As we age there are many significant changes in facial volume both, anatomically and aesthetically. We begin to notice these changes in our early to mid-thirties. Fat pads that once provided facial volume begin to migrate downward and reduce in size, resulting in heaviness to the lower face and a flattened upper face. Aesthetically, these appear as bags or hollowed dark circles under the eyes, creases, or folds from the nose to the corners of the mouth, jowls at the jaw line and a downward turn or frown to the corners of the mouth.

A quick and painless way to replace facial volume without surgery is to inject hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers, such as Juvederm XCVoluma XC, and Radiesse into areas where fat naturally occurs in a youthful face. By adding dermal fillers to the cheek area, around the lateral eyebrow, and tear troughs, nasal folds and mouth, the face appears fuller, lifted and youthful. These fillers may also be used to contour the nose or chin with no pain or down time.

Demal fillers, often referred to as liquid face-lifts, replace natural volume loss without changing a patient’s facial structure, resulting in a fuller, lifted, symmetrically contoured and youthful look in one 30-minute visit. There may be some minor bruising depending on the areas being treated, medications or a patient’s age. However, in most cases this procedure can be done days before a Holiday event.