In many of our consultations or conversations with patients they are looking for an alternative to a surgical face or neck lift. There is a new generation skin-tightening device leading the way in the fight against sagging jowls, turkey necks, and tired eyesUltherapy is a non-surgical treatment designed to lift, tighten and firm the skin of the face and neck. It is drastically different in its tightening and lifting ability because it not only tightens skin, but also the deep muscular layers underneath. The same foundational layers typically addressed in a surgical facelift.

Ultherapy drives sound waves into skin and deeper support structures that tighten existing collagen, and stimulate more collagen growth over the next three to six months. This device utilizes ultrasound energy to visualize the area being treated then accurately delivers pinpoint energy to focused structural layers of collagen.

Ultherapy is the first ultrasound technology to receive FDA clearance for a non-surgical brow, jowl and neck lift. Single areas may be treated or full face and neck for a more complete lift. A visible lift is commonly seen immediately following the procedure, with optimal results occurring over three to six months. There are no pre or post treatment restrictions. No downtime, surgery, incisions, injections or scars and it’s done in sixty minutes. Technology is providing amazing ways to stay safely looking young!