Waist Training and Shapewear sound safe and simple

There are lots of options in the battle of the bulge – the first and most obvious is diet and exercise. Unfortunately, as we age and our metabolism and hormones turn against us, even the most dedicated gym rat and clean eater can have areas of stubborn fat that just won’t go away.

Waist Trainers

Many individuals are turning to the latest trend of waist trainers. You have surely seen these on social media – everyone from the Kardashians to Kim Zolciak is wearing them. I have to admit the look is appealing and wearing one is a good reminder to have better posture, but there are some things to consider:

  • The results are temporary – while your waist may appear smaller, even after removing the trainer, it is likely to due excessive sweating from the latex material and the temporary water loss. It will return to the normal appearance as you rehydrate.
  • Lack of comfort – being constricted and compressed during daily activities can be uncomfortable. It is hard to bend, sit, breath – you know all your daily activities.
  • Long-term consequences – many experts believe there can be long-term health consequences when subjecting your internal organs to repeated compression. They include:
    • Decreased core tone
    • Decreased breathing capacity
    • Difficulty with digestion
    • Inflammation of the ribs
    • Damage to the function and blood supply to the stomach, liver, and lungs


Another option is shapewear, old trusty Spanx! Again, shapewear is great in theory but many are finding there are problems when you squeeze your body for long periods of time and you only get the slimming look while wearing the garments – no help in that swimsuit or shorts! Things to look out for when wearing too-tight shapewear:

  • Aggravating conditions like IBS or acid reflux disease
  • Increase chances of yeast or bladder infections
  • Restricting blood flow around the thighs and calves can cause swelling and blood clots
  • Compressed nerves, leading to pain, numbness and tingling in your legs

Win the Battle of the Bulge

Woman_Workout_SFortunately, there are a number of non-invasive, permanent solutions to help you win the battle of the bulge!

  • Kybella – injectable treatment to permanently eliminate submental fullness (aka double chin)
  • CoolSculpting – permanent removal of stubborn fat. Ideal for large areas of stubborn fat around the mid-section. Non-invasive and no downtime.
  • SculpSure – another option for fat elimination. The design of SculpSure allows for greater flexibility in treatment areas – such as inner and outer thighs and flanks. It is non-invasive, quick, permanent and requires no downtime.
  • VelaShape – a quick, non-invasive body contouring treatment that will eliminate cellulite and tighten skin for a smoother appearance.

With any of these treatments, you can wear your clothes and swimsuits in comfort and confidence without the fear of risks and discomfort associated with shapewear and waist training.