Choosing a Juvederm filler treatment can be a good idea for many people wanting to eliminate wrinkles and obtain smooth skin. If you are interested in this anti-aging procedure, research is recommended before you commit to it. You can conduct your own, or you can go to a physician to get answers about Juvederm filler. Glendale clinic Physician Skin Solutions at Arrowhead can provide answers to any of your questions when you schedule a consultation.

Juvederm filler involves a rather simple process. A gel is inserted into a syringe, which is then injected under the skin in the chosen treatment areas on the face. You can expect to schedule sessions about every nine months to a year if you want the effects to be continuous, as that is about how long the filler lasts. Fortunately, the gel only takes about 15 minutes to inject, and there is little downtime afterward. If you experience any side effects after a Juvederm treatment, such as redness, bumps, or pain, you can typically expect them to only last a week. If you are still not sure if your best option is Juvederm filler, our Glendale area doctors can counsel you to ensure that your decision is the best one for you.

Not all Juvederm filler is the same. In fact, there are three main types. Juvederm 18 is primarily used to fill in lines and wrinkles like crow’s feet around the eyes. This type of gel is quite fluid. For deeper wrinkles, such as horizontal lines on the forehead, Juvederm 24 is typically used since it is a bit thicker formula. Finally, Juvederm 30 is usually used for improving lip volume and reshaping cheeks. It is the densest formula of the three. Clearly, there are several ways for this type of filler to enhance your appearance. Whether you want to improve lip volume or get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, consider Juvederm filler as your anti-aging treatment of choice. Our Glendale based physicians have experience using this gel for a range of purposes, any of which can greatly improve your appearance.

As long as you are concerned with either your facial skin or features, such as cheeks and lips, Juvederm filler could be for you. Finding out for sure that this procedure can indeed provide you with the results you seek is important before you schedule an appointment. Glendale based Physician Skin Solutions at Arrowhead will let you know if this treatment is truly best for you, and implement the procedure if it is.