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How Can I Treat Facial Volume Loss?

When it comes to signs of aging, many people think that fine lines, wrinkles, or even sun damage might be the biggest giveaway that you’re getting older.

As it turns out, those are merely symptomatic of the larger problem: facial volume loss.

Check out our guide on facial volume loss, including the surprising solution that is most effective at treating signs of facial fat loss.

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What Causes Facial Volume Loss?

Youthful faces tend to get their appearance thanks to facial fat pads, which are typically found underneath the eyes, in the cheeks, and around the mouth. That’s why children and young adults tend to have apple-like cheeks and smooth skin; they have the more facial fat volume to help create that appearance.

Unfortunately, as we get older, those facial fat pads tend to break down, resulting in the loss of naturally full cheeks and smooth under-eye areas. As facial fat breaks down and drifts south (thanks, gravity), they have the potential to leave behind:

  • Hollow cheeks
  • Dark under eye circles
  • Facial folds (especially around the nose and mouth)
  • And more

Facial volume loss is a natural part of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it – especially when dermal fillers are so effective at treating facial volume loss!

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How Do Dermal Fillers Treat Facial Volume Loss?

Dermal fillers are a class of anti-aging injectables that typically use hyaluronic acid to effectively lift facial areas where fat loss is most obvious. By creating supportive structure underneath sagging skin, dermal fillers can help:

  • Fill in sunken cheeks
  • Smooth away under eye circles and bags
  • Lift and fill in facial folds
  • Smooth away wrinkles and fine lines
  • And more

Over time, dermal fillers can even help trigger long-term collagen production; this essential building block is perfect for people who are looking to revitalize their skin and get their old-school “bounce” back.

We offer the following dermal fillers:


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