Can one procedure really fix sun spots, wrinkles, lines, and laxity – oh please say it’s so!

The most common question I get from patients, or just about anybody that finds out what I do for a living is, “Is there is one magic, fix-all procedure that will address all of my skin concerns, provide noticeable results, not cost a small fortune and also not cause me to lock myself in my house for a week?” Wow – I haven’t had such touch questions since medical school!

But I totally get it – just look at our website – there are countless solutions and procedures which make choosing which skin procedure to do very confusing and difficult. To top it off – getting all of your skin concerns addressed with a single procedure is almost unheard of.

Each laser technology is usually designed to treat one specific concern; some reduce hair growth, while others may target red or brown spots, and yet completely different technology will address only collagen synthesis. Additionally, some laser treatments require no downtime while others can sideline you for more than a week. Multiple treatments can become very time consuming and of course, very costly.

Obviously, the ideal procedure would address all skin imperfections such as sun spots, lines, wrinkles, and laxity with little to no social downtime, be affordable and provide dynamic results! After years of working with patients, studying different procedures and trying them out for myself, I believe that this is possible with the CO2 Micro-Laser peel.

This technology is the most scientifically proven to correct all skin imperfections and produce new cellular generation at all levels of the dermis. This “Weekend Refresh Peel” can be done on a Thursday and patients can be back to work in make-up on Monday! The treatment does require these four days be spent in the house so it can give you an excuse catch up on everything on your DVR!

If you’re looking for a refreshed look, to bring your best face to any of your spring or summer events or get-away, this is the treatment for you!