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Get the Facts on Noninvasive Dermal Fillers – Radiesse Injection

Many people would love to eliminate imperfections in their facial skin giving them a younger appearance, but they are hesitant to turn to plastic surgery. If this is you, dermal fillers such as Radiesse injection may interest you. The treatment is fast, effective, and noninvasive. It is a dermal filler that is injected beneath the dermis to treat fine lines and wrinkles, often considered an alternative to surgical augmentation. If and when you are ready to try Radiesse injection come visit us at our Glendale office. We’ll be happy to consult with you and answer any questions you might have.

Radiesse injection has several important benefits for patients. One of the largest attractions of this treatment is it is one of the few injectable dermal fillers that carries virtually no risk of allergic reaction. Most fillers contain artificial ingredients requiring doctors to check for allergies before administering the procedure. However, this dermal filler boasts the naturally occurring calcium hydroxyl apatite microspheres in a water-based gel which can fill in spaces beneath the skin. Furthermore, the process of neocollagenesis stimulates the body to make new collagen in the area where the microspheres were injected. The result is soft, full skin that stays that way for more than a year in most cases.

Radiesse injection works quickly and is considered quite safe. Some facial contouring procedures require weeks, even months, to realize results. Radiesse injection delivers fuller skin immediately after treatment. As an added benefit, the procedure typically takes less than an hour. It’s an outpatient procedure that allows many patients to get it done during their lunch break and return back to work immediately afterward. Additionally, when it comes to Radiesse injection, most patients only need one session to achieve your desired new look. This is in contrast to some dermal fillers that require several sessions.

Over time the microspheres will be absorbed into your body; usually within one to two years. At that time, you can come back to see us and receive another Radiesse injection, keeping that youthful look.

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