While attending the annual Anti-Aging conference that I go to every year, I attended a lecture by Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. He is original developer of the FotoFacial™ and PhotoFacial™ procedures that use pulsed light to treat rosacea, flushing, facial redness and sun-damaged skin.

Dr. Bitter conducted a study at Stanford University which looked at the DNA of youthful skin and the DNA of aged skin. With notable differences he then treated the aged skin with an annual series of FotoFacial®-AgeDelay™ treatments.

The results showed these treatments greatly improved not only skin appearance but cell rejuvenation, with the older skin cells behaving more like the younger skin cells reviewed. This study provided results that show only 1 year of aging occurred over an 8 year span of time. According to Dr. Bitter’s study these treatments gave the following results:

  1. Overall improvement in skin appearance
  2. Reduction in skin laxity; more firmness
  3. Reverses signs of skin aging, i.e., fewer spots, lines, sagging and visible sun damage
  4. Provides the skin with an overall collagen boost Delays skin aging

“This really is the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth for delaying skin aging.” – Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. on FotoFacial®-AgeDelay™ treatments. Recommended protocol is 3-5 treatments per year on each body part with a minimum of 4 weeks between treatments.

This technology quite simply, makes your skin cells behave like younger skin cells! These treatments can be done on all skin surfaces as to keep all body parts in the same decade!

I was so excited about these results, I couldn’t wait to get back and offer this to our valued clients. We will be offering an annual anti-aging package throughout the year, kicking it off at our event in February 2014!

$1,200 for up to 16 treatments which may be used on each of the following body parts: Face, Neck, Chest, Arms, or Hands. Call today or stop by anytime in February and be on the road to younger looking and acting skin!