It seems like everyone is injecting Botox and dermal fillers these days – surely they all know what they are doing….right?!?

With the growing popularity and widespread acceptance of injectables, many medical professionals and even day spas and hair or nail salons have jumped on the bandwagon. There are three key factors in choosing an injector for Botox and Fillers: first, what is the experience, training, and talent of the individual; next, is there an on-site medical doctor; and finally the price. It is critical that you find an experienced injector with the training, talent and experience to avoid risk and give you the results you want.

Do Your Research

Before your appointment, do your homework about the facility and the individual.

  • Do they offer a free consultation?
  • How long has the person been injecting?
  • What is their medical or aesthetic training?
  • Do they seek out continuing education and advanced training on injecting?
  • What other services do they provide? Indicating how much of their time is spent injecting.
  • How busy is the practice?

The answers will help to gauge the individual’s proficiency in the art of injecting and ensure you get the natural look you are going for.

Is there a Doctor in the House

If a physician isn’t doing the injections, ensure the individual is an R.N. working under the direct supervision of an on-site M.D. Even if they are an M.D., ensure they have the proper credentials and training. You don’t want somebody you decided to add the service as a profit center to their general practice.

As more non-aesthetic/dermatologist facilities offer injectables, there has been a rise in the number of serious complications from injectables – the risk has always been there but experienced injectors who do it day in and day out know how to avoid them. You want to choose someone who has the proper medical training and expertise to deal with the rare but real risks of complications.

Show me the Money

Price is often a driver for selecting a provider but should only be a part of your decision. Price not only includes the cost of the product but the experience and skill of the injector. An extremely low price indicates either counterfeit or low-quality products or lack of experience. Such as a newbie to the field that is trying to build a client base – equalling lack of experience.