Many people looking to stay young for as long as possible actively seek a laser skin tightening treatment that works, allowing them to eliminate the wrinkles that often come with age. Botox treatment is a now common solution for just such people. It has been around long enough to assure potential users that it is indeed a safe substance that works. Rather than simply listening to what professional research tells you about the product, you should conduct your own investigation to find out if this is the right solution for you. If you do decide to seek out Botox treatment, Glendale clinic Physician Skin Solutions at Arrowhead can put you on track to getting smoother skin.

Botox treatment is meant to eliminate dynamic wrinkles, which are often known as the most difficult to treat. They are caused by repeated facial expressions, and they include crow’s feet, forehead creases, and scowl lines near your eyebrows. Botox can prevent you from making the expressions that cause these troublesome lines, which means your skin can stay smooth and taut as long as the substance lasts. Before you receive Botox treatment, our Glendale based physicians should let you know that fine wrinkles and skin fold creases cannot be solved through this method. Rather, another laser skin tightening treatment may work better for you than a Botox treatment. Glendale based Physician Skin Solutions at Arrowhead may be able to suggest and implement another treatment type if you need to eliminate anything other than dynamic wrinkles.

A Botox treatment can often provide results for up to a year. Once it wears off, your skin will go back to pre-treatment condition, and your wrinkles will likely return. For this reason, most patients who enjoy the results choose to get injections at least once per year in order to continue experiencing smooth skin. On the other hand, if you do not like the effects, you can always wait until it wears off and try a laser skin tightening treatment other than Botox treatment. Glendale area doctors offer a range of solutions that might suit your needs better if you are one of the few not satisfied with the results.

The procedure is known for being quick, with a very short recovery period. You might feel some discomfort when you receive the injection, and you could experience some bruising for a few days. However, you should see the results you are looking for soon, typically in less than a week. It is for these reasons that Botox treatment is quite popular among patients who seek fast, dramatic improvement in their skin.