It’s been a very exciting month here at Physician Skin; we are loving the cooler weather, have enjoyed seeing so many patients who are taking advantage of our Gleam, Glimmer and Glow Quarterly Event and then we received our NEW new laser.

We are always on the lookout to upgrade our equipment and provide our patients with the latest technology and best results, this new laser (the Cutera Excel V to be exact) has increased functionality.

The new laser will still allow us to perform Laser Genesis which is great for smoothing uneven texutres, enlarged pores, fine lines and redness and Laser Vein Removal to alleviate unsightly and sometimes painful veins in the leg. We can now offer laser hair removal to individuals with darker or coarser hair and certain ethnicities that we were unable to do in the past due to safety concerns.

Our trained and certified laser technicians are excited that they will be able to more aggressively treat facial veins, rosacea and other facial redness with the new 532 wavelength available on our new laser. This will enable us to treat more patients and provide even more outstanding results.