I am often asked if men can or do get BOTOX treatments. In the past few years there has been a significant increase in the number of men seeking Botox and other cosmetic procedures. That’s right—it’s not just the manicure and pedicure, but Botox that has redefined the “metro sexual.” And it’s not just the men that are accustomed to primping, the average Joe is joining the anti-aging crusade as well.

The thought of needles in the face can turn off any man, add to that the recession and there stands the two greatest deterrents for elective procedures: cost and pain. However, many baby boomers have found themselves seeking employment and quite frankly, they can’t afford to look their age. This is one of the many reasons men state for getting Botox. Along with competition in the workplace, encouragement from a female and not wanting to look grumpy or tired are other top factors for men choosing the elective procedure.

The areas that tend to be most popular with men are the vertical lines between the brows and horizontal forehead lines. Some men have their crow’s feet treated as well. Many businessmen are also treating their excessive underarm sweating with Botox, which can reduce their dry cleaning bill. Men generally require higher dosing due to larger muscle mass, with prices ranging from $400-$600. The procedure takes only a few minutes and most men handle the tiny needle very well. The effects of looking youthful, rested and refreshed is what keeps both men and women continuing the treatment.