The past holiday season is one of the busiest times of year in the cosmetic dermatology industry, and balancing schedules with professional treatments and down time can get tricky. I strive to make that transition towards beautiful skin, pain and down time free. With injectable fillers and neuromodulators, like BOTOX, being so popular for their instant gratification, they do come with some potential risks like visible bruising and giving away your beauty secrets. So I want to introduce the microcannula.

Some of you have reported that you have been treated with a microcannula vs a needle and have not had anywhere near the bruising experienced in the past. This does seem to be the benefit of using this device with facial fillers. It also increases the safety of injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers since the likelihood of injecting into a vessel would be greatly decreased without penetrating the vessel wall. This also results in much less pain and discomfort during the treatment almost eliminating the need for topical numbing agents, and shortening your appointment time.

Since these types of needles do not come standard in the package of the products being used, nor were they studied for FDA approval of any of the products used, they are not endorsed by the manufacturer of the injectable. Training must then be pursued by the provider. I have begun training in the use of these devices and we are now offering this as an option during your next Juvederm, Perlane, or Restylane treatments. You can now be treated as close to a few days before a special event, and no one will know your secrets to looking amazing!

Also great for patients on blood thinner medication, SAIDS, aspirin, or those of you who take omega fatty acids, in any form, on a regular basis. NO need to discontinue your medication.

A cannula is a blunt tip, flexable, bendable needle. Blood vessels are actually quite rigid and this blunt tip device can bounce off of the blood vessel without piercing it, leading to no bleeding or bruising.

I am excited to add this option to the services at Physician Skin at Arrowhead and looks forward to a perfect outcome for you!