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Avoid Ghoulish Post-Halloween Skin & Hair

Halloween is upon us – which means fun Halloween costumes with make-up and hair and of course, candy! While it is great to indulge and enjoy all the holiday has to offer, there are a few simple tips to ensure you don’t have ghoulish hair and skin problems long after that last Kit Kat wrapper has been tossed in the garbage! We have gathered the best tips and solutions from around the web to keep you looking booo-tiful after the Halloween fun is over.

Ghoulish result #1: a scary breakout

Halloween is the ultimate breeding ground for acne; between heavy, oil-based face paint, or a rubber mask that clogs your pores faster than you can eat a Snickers bar or that Snickers bar itself along with all the other treats you indulge in your skin needs a little TLC!

  • Spook-tacular solution: If you have oily or acne-prone skin, it’s a good idea to skip the oily face makeup altogether. But, if you do decide to use it, be sure that you don’t leave it on for too long and definitely don’t go to sleep before you thoroughly cleanse your skin of every last trace. And while Halloween is the season to indulge in a few extra sugary sweets, don’t go too overboard. To ensure that your skin and hair are getting the nutrition they need, balance the candy with a few extra fruits and veggies.

To achieve that ghostly pale face without the heavy costume makeup, look for the fairest shade of a water-based foundation that you can find.

Ghoulish result #2: not-so booo-tiful or healthy hair

Your hair should be pretty save with the temporary spray-on hair dyes, as they will wash out after a few shampoos, without any lasting damage to your locks. The But when you pair chemical color with extra heat styling and heavy-duty products to hold your hair in place all night, your tresses may suffer some damage.

  • Spook-tacular solution: Protect the luster of your locks by using a thermal protector when you style with heat. If you have fine hair or locks that are sensitive to chemical colors, skip the dyes and instead wear a wig or clip-in extensions.

Halloween hazard #3: Rashes and allergic reactions

From glitter and face paint to rubber masks and expired cosmetics, Halloween can expose your skin to lots of triggers for irritation, causing rashes, inflammation, itching and more. While those with sensitive skin are especially susceptible to irritations, everyone should be on alert with Halloween cosmetics.

  • Skin saving solutions: When it’s time to paint your face for Halloween, it’s tempting to dig out the old neon eye shadows, outdated red lip colors and last year’s face paint from the bottom of your bathroom drawer. Before you start applying them, check expiration dates. If a package doesn’t have an expiration date, examine it for questionable odors and unusual consistencies, which may signal contamination. Toss aside any products that have gone bad; using them can trigger a reaction.

When in doubt, always perform a patch test to determine if a product is safe for your skin. To do this, simply apply a bit of product to a hidden patch of skin – like behind your ear or along the inside of your arm – and allow it to dry. After a day, examine the area for any signs of irritation, including redness, bumps or itchiness.

Halloween hazard #4: Irritated eyes and lost lashes

Whether you’re a wicked witch from the west or an outrageous 80s rock star, many Halloween costumes call for eye makeup that’s heavier than usual. Glitter, glow-in-the-dark paint and false lashes can leave your eyes irritated, itchy and uncomfortable. Prevent eye irritation with a few easy tips.

  • Eye-saving solutions: Avoid applying costume makeup – including glitter and glow-in-the-dark paint – near the eyes, and always use products that are meant for the face. The glitter in your craft supplies probably contains harsh metallic materials that could damage the eyes.

Also, use lots of caution when applying false lashes – especially if it’s not a normal part of your routine. Using too much glue can cause your real lashes to fall out when you remove the false ones. Remove them very gently, or better yet, skip them altogether.

Post-Halloween pick-me-ups

There isn’t much time to restore your beauty between Halloween and the rest of the holiday season ahead. Take some time to pamper your hair and skin with a few timesaving restorative treatments.

  • For skin: A quick peel or microdermabrasion is the ideal pampering treatment for autumn.
  • For hair: Try deep conditioning treatments or masque for your hair and lay off the heat intensive styling tools for a while.

Halloween feels the unofficial kick-off to the holiday season but don’t let it leave you with nightmares to deal with for those holiday parties when you want to look spectacular NOT spook-tacular.

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