When thinking internal health and anti-aging, we easily comprehend lifestyle choices, but what about the effects of aging that are not a choice; say the natural decline in hormones and brain chemistry. What is really happening when men and woman in their 30’s to 50’s “hit the wall” in areas such as energy and life satisfaction?

Complaints of being unfulfilled, tired, complacent, moody, impatient, a lack of interest in intimacy with partner can be heard from just about anybody you speak to. And quite frankly this is backed by the astonishing rate of antidepressant medication peddled for any, or all, of the former mentioned symptoms.

As we age estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone all decline drastically. While supplementation of these hormones may be life changing for some, others are not good candidates, and /or other factors may be in play such as thyroid hormone or cortisol levels. The external presentation of the aging process, such as sagging, wrinkled, or pigmented skin can easily be seen as well as changes in facial contour may be addressed with cosmetic procedures such as laser genesis, and injectables. But we have to remember these visual changes occur due to what is happening inside our bodies and brains.

The internal down regulation of biochemistry, specifically hormones, is in fact what is responsible for the majority of the visible aging process. Hormonal changes influence the skins’ hydration, elastin and collagen production and breakdown. Lack of adequate estrogen will result in dry or crêpey skin texture. Hormones also influence pigment deposition in skin which leads to a spotted or uneven tone as well as bone degradation and loss of underlying structure.

This process can be internally regulated and slowed, and in some cases even reversed! According to research, by the time the average woman reaches 35 to 40 years of age the effects of peri- menopause have begun and started the cycle of age related disease, such as bone loss, collagen loss, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, early kidney and heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, and dysthymia (a form of long term mild depression that may be related to hormonal changes).

This transition will span approximately 30 years in some cases, and will result in hormonal and chemical imbalances in the brain. Sex hormones, thyroid and cortisol are all responsible for the body’s metabolism, degenerative aging and weight regulation. Hormones and brain chemistry dictate happiness, hunger, sleep cycles, enjoyment, anger, irritability, weight gain, depression and heart disease.

Appropriately balanced hormones, in Bio-identical forms, nutritional supplementation, neurotransmitter supplementation, along with dietary and lifestyle changes will allow you to look and feel great for years to come. Internal anti-aging is just as important if not more important than working on the outward appearance, as keeping you cells healthy, will keep you healthy!