We have fielded a number of calls, emails and visits from patients that have had incredible weight loss or body sculpting results with the hCG dietCoolSculpting or VelaShape III that are now panicked about maintaining their results during the holidays. After convincing everyone to calm down and take a deep breath – because you “got this” – I always share the same advice. Five tips that can help you from going completely over the edge but still allow you to enjoy the traditions of the holidays – most of which center around food.

  1. Drink water (and lots of it): before meals, in-between cocktails – wherever you can fit it in. It will keep you full, flush out the toxins of those treats and alcohol you do have and keep you and your skin hydrated.
  2. Eat breakfast: Get yourself and your metabolism off to a good star by eating within 30 minutes of waking. Studies show that individuals that eat a nutrient, protein dense breakfast are less likely to be hungry later in the afternoon.
  3. Make a conscious food choices: there’s no doubt that there are temptations coming at you from every directions – cocktail parties, family events, the office potluck but think through which of these “treats” are really that special and worth indulging in. Grandma’s homemade tamales or pecan pie that she ONLY makes at the holidays – definitely! The heat and serve rolls from the freezer section – probably not!
  4. Stick to your workout routine: It’s important from a stress and health perspective to stick with your exercise routine. If you can’t make it to a full 60 minute spin class at least take a few minutes to walk around the block. Better yet – start a new family tradition of taking a hike Thanksgiving morning!
  5. Have a post-holiday plan: OK so things didn’t go as planned and number on that scale crept up just a tad – don’t panic! Get back to your healthy habits right away so those extra pounds don’t get too comfortable and decide to stick around. You can also come back in for just a “touch-up” treatment of CoolSculpting or VelaShape III – whatever you need we are here!

Now go enjoy time with your friends and family!